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Flixweed vs. Polyethylene Glycol in the Treatment of Childhood Functional Constipation: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Majid Nimrouzi 1 , 2 , * , Omid Sadeghpour 1 , Mohammad Hadi Imanieh 2 , Mohammadreza Shams Ardekani 3 , Alireza Salehi 3 , Mohamad Bagher Minaei 4 and Mohammad M. Zarshenas 5 , 6
Authors Information
1 Research Institute for Islamic and Complementary Medicine, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, IR Iran
2 Research Center for Traditional Medicine and History of Medicine, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, IR Iran
3 Department of Traditional Pharmacy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, IR Iran
4 School of Iranian Traditional Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, IR Iran
5 Department of Phytopharmaceuticals (Traditional Pharmacy), School of Pharmacy, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, IR Iran
6 Medicinal Plants Processing Research Center, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, IR Iran
Article information
  • Iranian Journal of Pediatrics: April 28, 2015, 25 (2)
  • Published Online: April 18, 2015
  • Article Type: Research Article
  • Received: February 5, 2015
  • Revised: February 13, 2015
  • Accepted: March 10, 2015
  • DOI: 10.5812/ijp.425

To Cite: Nimrouzi M, Sadeghpour O, Imanieh M H, Shams Ardekani M, Salehi A, et al. Flixweed vs. Polyethylene Glycol in the Treatment of Childhood Functional Constipation: A Randomized Clinical Trial, Iran J Pediatr. 2015 ; 25(2):-. doi: 10.5812/ijp.425.

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1. Background
2. Objectives
3. Patients and Methods
4. Results
5. Discussion
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