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    Why Article processing Charges (APCs)?

    As a rule of open access publishing and because of the reason that scientific community and the general public can unlimitedly and immediately access all content published in our journals for free as soon as it is published on the Internet, we kindly request all our dear authors to help us to compensate a part of our economical matters. This means that the journal does not have any income from selling subscriptions to print or online versions of its journals or from charging "pay-per-view" fees. Therefore, we need to defray its editorial and production costs by collecting article processing charges from authors' institutes or research funding bodies. Besides, journal charges—if calculated per page—are much lower than the revenues per published page that traditional, subscription-based academic publishers can generate. Paying the article processing charge in an Open Access journal is a replacement with the normal subscription charges used by most journals and allows journals to make the full text of every published article freely available to all interested readers.

    Workflow of AF in a journal

    1. All articles need to be decided by EIC, first goes to "Waiting for EIC decision". EIC may decide to "Accept" an article which is "Primary Accepted" (Step 1 in below image) 
    2. In the next step (= Upload Final Files), EIC must upload the last edited and accepted word file. (Step 21 in below image)
    3. On the next step (=Send to Publisher), EIC will choose the desired volume and issue and order of article in the desired issue. (Step 3 in below image)
    4. By Clicking "Send to Publisher", Authors are able to pay the "Acceptance fee".  (Step 4 in below image)
    5. Authors Pay the Acceptance Fee: By paying the acceptance fee (online or offline), Accounting department of the publisher will be able to see the article in another step which is "Payment Waiting for Confirmation". (Step 5 in below image)
    6. Payment Waiting for Confirmation: If publisher receive the fee in their bank account in good order, they will be able to approve the payment and article goes to "Initialize Publish" process for further publishing process. (Step 6 in below image)

    Diagram of AF is uploaded below.

    Which journals have APC?

    There are 3 ways to find out that which journal requires payment (article processing charges):

    • There is a help page in this address: Journal website > Home page > Help > Instruction for Authors > Payment Instruction (like below image)

    Different types of APC

    There maybe 3 types of APC (based on the journal policy) as below:

    1. Fast Track Review Fee (FTF)
    2. Acceptance Fee (AF)
    3. Premium Publishing Fee (PF)

    Fast-Track Review Fee (FTF)

    Authors sometimes have to meet publication deadlines, e.g. for promotion & tenure or thesis defense, grant proposals, spending of research funds before a certain deadline, publication of follow-up papers, or because the findings are deemed important. To facilitate a speedy turn-around when a rapid decision is required, the journal offers a review model in which selected peer reviewers may be paid to deliver high-quality and speedy peer-review reports. This is entirely optional - if you do not wish to pay for a fast-track peer review process, just submit your paper normally as described before in the instruction for authors. If you opt for fast-track review, you are guaranteed: a rapid editorial decision and peer-review comments within 3 weeks (plus any additional holidays within that period) after submission and payment of the fee. 

    To know the exact fees read the related page in our journal website (Journal Website > Help > Instruction for Authors > Payment Instructions > Article Processing Charges)

    How to order FTF?

    To take advantage of this, authors must pay a non-refundable fast-track fee (FTF). This can be done any time after submission and before final decision. The FTF should be ordered and paid using journal website and under each submission ID.

    1. Sign in to Journal with corresponding author's account
    2. Go to "Shopping" > "Order Service" > Find your desired article > There should be a button for payment (see below image)

    If you have any question regarding FTF, ask us by filling an online form at Technical Support in the journal website. We now also allow authors to expedite the submission at any time during the peer-review process. We reserve the right to refund the fast-track fee and process the manuscript in the regular submission track if we are unable to meet the deadline due to a delayed peer-review report or other issues beyond our control.


    Acceptance Fee (AF)

    Author(s) agrees to pay the required "Acceptance Fee" in the first step of submission (see below image). They have to act just based on the journal policy and regulations after accepting their articles in the journal. Those manuscripts which are still remained in the "Pending" step of payment and need payment, are not allowed to be submitted elsewhere. It means that without payment, a manuscript is not allowed to submit in any other journals. 


    How to order AF?

    Acceptance fee will be ordered only via journal website when your article is primarily accepted by EIC. Just wait till this phase, then you will be able to pay it online. 

    Corresponding Author is able to pay "Acceptance Fee". To pay, s/he must sign in to the journal website and refer to "Needs Payment" menu under "With a Decision" (see below image)

    Premium Publishing Fee (PF)

    The accepted articles go to the waiting list for publishing and based on a timely manner plan will be published. If a speedy publication process is required, the journal offers a premium publishing model in which selected accepted articles may be paid to publish at the first possible issue. This is entirely optional - if you do not wish to pay for a premium publishing process, your article will be published based on the normal editorial selection. If you opt for premium publishing, you are guaranteed: publication of your paper in one of the earliest coming issue after payment of the fee.


    How to order PF?

    To take advantage of this, authors must pay a non-refundable Premium Publishing Charge (PF). The PF should be paid using the journal website and under each submission ID.

    >>> Do the same as we explained in details for AF (refer to top).

    If you have any question regarding PF, ask us via technical support of our journal. We reserve the right to refund the fee and process the article in the regular publishing track if we are unable to meet the deadline due to a delayed publishing or other issues beyond our control.

    How to Pay APCs?

    ​If you choose correct button (Buy AF or FTF or PF), then you will be able to see these wizards:

    1. Choose Currency
    2. Confirm Buy
    3. Choose method of payment
    4. Pay Online or Offline

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